God mode in Windows 7 not as cool as Rise of the Triad

I fondly remember the old days when games only came in 640x480 with cheap MIDI soundtracks and ugly enemy sprites. One such classic game (a personal favorite of mine) is Rise of the Triad, which featured a pretty kick-ass God mode in which the player could hurl orbs of energy from his or her hand and watch with glee as enemies dissipated into the aether. [caption id=”attachment_115” align=”aligncenter” width=”450” caption=”Way better than Windows 7 “god” mode”]Way better than Windows 7[/caption] Well, according to a recent cnet article, Redmond has added its own flavor of divine power to Windows 7. The hidden trick is to create a folder (anywhere on the file system) with the following name:


The folder is magically transformed into a mega control panel with tons of power-user options for tweaking your favorite operating system. Although it lacks the certain malevolent satisfaction I get from Triad, the hack is still pretty neat. It does raise the question, though: why didn’t Microsoft make this a standard shortcut for a vanilla Windows 7 install? I will leave you to draw your own theological parallels.