February Presentation on MONO

I received this message earlier today about a lunch-and-learn opportunity for developers who are interested in the cross-platform .NET CLR implementation, MONO.

I would like to pass something along to the ALT.NET group. On Wed Feb 16 there is a presentation on Mono at the lunch meeting of the SuSE Linux LUG and SNUG (The StL Novell UG). Mono is an Open Source implimentation of the .NET Framework that allows .NET to be run across platforms (ex. MacOS, Linux, Solaris, BSD, etc.). Being open source there is also the ability to get “into the guts” for someone who is REALLY technical. The lunch meeting is a “true users’ group”. There are no salesmen–just us techies. The SuSE Linux LUG is a sig of SLUUG, the St. Louis UNIX users’ group which has been a major techie group in St. Lous for over 15 years. SLUUG has always been a supporter of Open Standards & Open Systems, i.e. resist vendor lockins and find the best solutions. The joint lunch meeting with SNUG, the Novell UG, started after Novell acquired SuSE and used it for its core technology. Novell is also the major sponsor of the MONO project. The SuSE/SNUG meeting is monthly and MONO is the topic for February. We hold it at Bandana’s BBQ. There is no membership or attendance charge. We are just happy to have more tech people to chat with. I thought there may be a number of ALT.NET people who would be interested in the MONO presentation. I’m also interested in hearing from anyone who has experience with MONO. If anyone DOES have MONO experience I would LOVE to hear from them! The Feb 16. lunch will be listed in http://www.sluug.org/resources/calendar. That has been a reference for all the techie meetings in St. Louis for some time.

If you would like more information about this event, please leave a comment on this post and I will send you additional information.