Pluralsight sponsors STL ALT .NET

Pluralsight Developers experience the unique challenge of being afloat in an ever-changing sea of technology. Their survival depends a great deal on keeping abreast of the latest currents, trends, and changes. Nothing helps a developer more than the experience of other professionals distilled into a readily consumable medium. Pluralsight, a leading champion of video-based technology training, has compiled an extensive library of videos created by first-class technical authors to help developers of every ilk further hone their craft. Pluralsight has donated twenty-five monthly subscription cards to be raffled at monthly STL ALT .NET meetings. Each subscription card will grant each winner one month of unlimited access to the Pluralsite training library. Videos covers popular .NET topics such as:

  • C#
  • Entity Framework
  • F#
  • LINQ
  • NHibernate
  • Visual Studio
  • WCF
  • Windows Azure
  • WPF
  • etc.

In the true spirit of ALT .NET, Pluralsite also offers training beyond the Microsoft stack, with videos on topics like Ruby, Clojure, iOS, Android, JavaScript and jQuery. If you’re interested in new video releases, or other offers from Pluralsight, you can follow @pluralsight on Twitter.