Infragistics Sponsors STL ALT .NET

developer toolsI am pleased to announce that Infragistics, a leading .NET UI control vendor, has donated a number of free package licenses to STL ALT .NET to give away as raffle prizes during our monthly meetings:

Infragistics is well respected as a leading UI control vendor, and has a formidable array of control packages for any .NET development need, whether it be Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET or Windows Phone, Infragistics has packages for all of these and more. Infragistics also offers a free beta controls download for its newest toolset, the Windows 8 App Store controls. Designed to run in the new Windows 8 Modern UI, these controls are ideal for either desktop or Surface development. Because they take advantage of both the C# and JavaScript WinRT APIs, both desktop and web developers will be in familiar territory while developing. We are glad to welcome Infragistics as a sponsor and thank them greatly for their generosity!