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I started writing software in Basic on a Commodore 64. My first programs were particularly bad text adventure games and you should not judge me for this. Later, I honed my technical skills by teasing every bit of performance out of MS-DOS in order to play computer games. This downward spiral continued into high school, where I was exposed to Linux and became very proficient at installing it, mostly because I kept breaking things and it was faster to start over instead of recompiling the kernel. After high school I pursued a career in computer network administration for a short time, but decided that drop ceilings and crawl spaces were demotivating working environments. I decided to try programming instead, wrote a lot of spaghetti code, nursed my hubris, and managed to convince someone to hire me because I could “do this web stuff”. For over a decade I’ve worked hard to turn these skills into a career. I have developed solutions on both Linux and Windows platforms with JavaScript, C#, Ruby, and PHP. I have extensive experience with web technologies, web services, and desktop development. I’ve used more open source libraries than you can shake a stick at and have even contributed to a few as well. I am the founding member of the St. Louis ALT .NET user group, speak at a variety of user groups and conferences, and write ebooks, technical articles, and blog posts in my spare time. I have been a volunteer mentor, teaching fellow, and instructor for LaunchCode STL. I have a real passion for deconstructing business problems, creating abstract, reusable and flexible solutions, and creating awesome software that rocks. I am an INTP.

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