User Groups

Here is a list of user groups that I frequent of which I have vetted and approved! Seriously, St. Louis has a very healthy and vibrant developer community, and our user groups reflect that fact.


Hang out and discuss JavaScript tips, tricks, hacks, and frameworks with fellow scripters in the Saint Louis area. Show off cool stuff you’ve done and discuss developments in the greater JS community.

Lambda Lounge

The Lambda Lounge is a monthly user group in St. Louis organized loosely around the idea of exploring dynamic and functional languages. More broadly, it’s an open forum to examine new advances in programming languages and libraries.

Code Until Dawn

Once a month, get together for an all-night hacking session. Stay as long or as short as you’d like. I started this group to spend time with other St Louis developers. This group is for anyone who wants to catch up on that nagging side project at a late night, caffeinated coding session with like-minded individuals. All skill levels and languages are welcome.


Note: the STL ALT .NET Group is no longer meeting. Links have been left in-tact below for historical reference. The ALT .NET community is a loosely coupled, highly cohesive group of like-minded individuals who believe that the best developers do not align themselves with platforms and languages, but with principles and ideas. It is a place where .NET developers can learn, share, and critique approaches to software development on the .NET stack. We cater to the highest common denominator, not the lowest, and want to help all St. Louis .NET developers achieve a superior level of software craftsmanship.