Mindscape sponsors STL ALT .NET

Mindscape Code Monkeys love their tools. From the gruffest Unix hacker who can outperform a concert pianist in Emacs keystrokes, to the coolest Metro vegan hippy in Redmond, developers will go to religious lengths to prove their undying affinity for the software that makes their lives, their jobs, easier. Mindscape is no novice on the field of tools and controls. Not only does Mindscape produce an impressive suite of standalone development products, they offer an assortment of helpful Visual Studio plugins, many free of charge, to the Microsoft community. Want to dress up WPF or Silverlight? How about design an NHibernate persistence solution? Interested in Windows Phone 7, or maybe SimpleDB? Mindscape has tools for all of these, and more. Mindscape has generously offered to donate one standalone product license each month to raffle at STL ALT .NET, as well as one Mega Pack license for any group member who delivers a full presentation! In addition, in July we will be raffling one additional license for the WPF Elements 5.1 launch this month. Follow @MindscapeHQ on Twitter for additional product information and release announcements.