NCrunch sponsors STL ALT .NET

NCrunchThat unit tests have become a significant tool for modern programmers cannot be denied. Whole conferences, long books, and powerful tools have all been created to make the task of testing software a streamlined, painless process. “Red, green, refactor” has become the mantra by which we code. At last month’s STL ALT .NET meetup, Brian Schroer introduced members to the automated .NET testing tool, NCrunch. He demonstrated how NCrunch automatically conducted background builds and ran unit tests in real-time while he was actively making changes to his code. Not only would NCrunch report when unit tests failed, but it also visually tagged the lines of code that were covered by unit tests, clearly showing Brian which portions of his code tested and which were not. (I have it on good authority that Brian never writes untested code. Ever. So this feature is useless for him because he is a coverage ninja.) NCrunch also provides a host of other features, including inlined exception details (so that errors can be easily traced through code when tests fail), line-by-line performance metrics that help identify slow and inefficient code, parallel test execution, optimized, selective builds, and more. I am happy to announce that, to compliment Brian’s lightning talk from last month, the generous folks at NCrunch have donated one NCrunch license to be raffled at the upcoming November STL ALT .NET meetup!