InformIT sponsors STL ALT .NET

InformITI am happy to announce that book publisher InformIT has joined the growing list of STL ALT .NET sponsors! Some of the most significant books in my software development library are InformIT imprints. Titles like Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, Refactoring to Patterns, and Design Patterns adorn the bookshelves posed strategically within sight during video chat meetings. Not only do these books make me look smart, they have actually contributed to my knowledge of programming and large-scale enterprise systems. Also, hardback books are just cool. InformIT has graciously donated one hardback book and several e-books to raffle, and discount codes for all members at this month’s meetup. InformIT publishes imprints from quality industry publishers like Addison Wesley, Sams, QUE, and Prentice Hall. You can learn more about InformIT and read quality development articles on the InformIT website.